Canadian Flag Wallpaper

Canada established from the United Kingdom in 1931. The country Canada is a second largest country in the world. It has ten provinces and the three territories and most of the areas covering to The Atlantic to The Pacific as well as The Arctic Ocean. Canada and the United States border is the longest border in the world. The majority of Canada’s areas are cold but southerly area is warm. Canada is a well-developed country, as the ranking of Capita income globally of Canada in the world is tenth highest and in the Human Development Index is ninth highest.

Maple Leaf in Canadian Flag Wallpaper

The flag is the symbol of the nation’s unity. The Maple Leaf referred as the Canadian flag and the Maple Leaf became on Canada’s flag in 1965. Before independence, Canada used The British Red Ensign with Canada’s coat of arms on the flag. The National flag day of Canada is observed annually on 15 February, on this day the Canadian’s flag flying occasional public ceremonies as well as in schools, the crowd sings the national anthem ‘O Canada’. You can see a few stunning  Canadian Flag Wallpaper below.

canadian-flag-hd-backgrounds canadian-flag-hd-wallpaper canadian flag wallpaper

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