Istanbul Wallpapers

Istanbul is a biggest and stunning city of Turkey that straddles Europe and Asia across the Bosphorus Strait. The old city ruled by many empires just like Romans, Greeks and Ottoman because of its affection location. You can see below glorious HD Istanbul Wallpapers. When the Ottomans opened the Silk Road and linked Asia with Europe, and many merchants who came here liked it so much that they too, decided to stay. So they made the city a cultural diversity that it keeps to this day.

Art & Architecture of Turkey

Before Ottomans every empire and army who ruled they showed their Art made beautiful and attractive Artistic memories, but all that changed with the Byzantines, who converted their churches and palaces with mosaics and frescoes. Preternatural, many of these remain. The Ottomans were quick to launch determinedly, building program and the magnificently decorated imperial mosques such as Beautiful (Sultan Ahmed Mosque) people call Blue Mosque Istanbul, that resulted are great architectural triumphs that together form one of the world’s great skylines and you will be known why Turkey’s Architecture famous in the world. You can also check some more Beautiful Cities Wallpapers.

Why people Love Istanbul-Turkey

Due to locals, who have an endless supply of hospitality their kindness and good humor at their disposal. Some people said when they were walking on street they unfold the layers of history, like they are watching movie. Tourists like their restaurant, bars, coffee gardens and cafes. Over all every corner of Istanbul extraordinary cultural experience lies around. Because the history of Istanbul is too rich and also nature made it more impressive and romantic, lots of couples are celebrating their honeymoon and other lovely and romantic events due to some awesome places like Galatta Tower, Prince Islands, Leander’s Tower (Maiden’s Tower), The Bosphorus, Beyoglu-Tunel and Pierre Loti.

istanbul wallpapersBeautiful Bosphorus Bridge Wallpaper (Istanbul - Turkey)Galata Bridge (Istanbul - Turkey)

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